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Only the best natural produced quality products
Majesticq UAE Horse Care Products

“Excellent products…Top Quality, Simply the best in horse care …”


Majesticq research team has spent years to create the right formulas for Horse care products. And as horse-enthusiasts, we sourced the best ingredients for our products and did not spare any effort to come up with the right formulas to give the best to our horses.


Find the best to treat your horse

Grooming Grooming is an important part of daily maintenance for horses. Daily brushing and currying helps remove dirt and debris that can allow bacteria a place to multiply. During grooming, you can also check the overall condition of your horse’s skin and find sores, infections, bumps, or welts when they...

How do you see your horse

Go out and observe your horse, but pretend that I have sent you to a stable to look at a horse for me and to report back what you observe. Remember it is about observing, not judging! And here is the really hard part: I would like you to pretend you...

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