Majesticq Horse Shampoo products

Majesticq Horse Shampoo products are gentle and safe to use for horses and for owners, used by professional horse riders.

Their formulas contain a water-based disinfectant which KILLS 99.999% of most micro-organisms.

They are great in summer to give relief from irritating flies and in winter to help with mud ailments.

Selecting the right Shampoo for your horses

Whether you are an equestrian or a breeder, when selecting a shampoo you need to consider:

  • The type of skin of your horse
  • Whether your horse is sweating normally or not
  • The odor of your horse’s skin
  • The main goal you are looking for from the shampoo

The Antimicrobial Shampoo is ideal for fighting any unwanted Bacteria or Fungi. While the Conditioning Shampoo will leave your horse’s coat smooth and shiny.

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical trading – Recyclable Bottles, Made in UAE using locally sourced ingredients, Disinfectant has less than 1% active ingredient, is Biodegradable, PH Neutral, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

For your convenience, Majesticq Horse Shampoo products come in 4 different sizes to accommodate all your specific needs.

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